About Ace-co

Ace-co offers a complete line of affordable products that can provide full office integration of concrete batching systems, accounting, and reporting for multiple plants through networking systems.

Ace-co’s philosophy is, and has always been, to provide outstanding service to our customers and our equipment in the field. At the same time, we strive to remain industry-driven, continually developing and providing innovative, accurate and reliable products to the industries we serve.ace-co history

Automatic Control Electronics Company was founded in 1961 by George Cox on the belief that concrete manufacturing processes could be automated, and in doing so, made more efficient by precise timing of events. Ace-co developed the original Scorpion DCT processor, which allowed multi-tasking of more complicated processes and systems.

Soon after, personal computers were added to the Scorpion Control Systems to enable better control and visibility of the entire batching process. Ace-co has since expanded their use of computers and their product line to include moisture control and compensation; mixer control and user interface; and database applications for dispatch systems.